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Yellowhead Moray Eel Gymnothorax rueppelliae

Yellow  Head  Eel is one of  the more colorful  eels available to the marine hobbyist. Also known as the fimbriated Moray,  At a maximum length in the wild of less than three feet, it does not grow as large as some other eels, adding to its popularity for the home aquarium. The Yellow Head Eel can be found in many parts of the Pacific Ocean, ranging from the Red Sea, down to the Great Barrier Reef region, and over to the Hawaiian Islands. AsThe Yellow Head Eel can be found in many parts of the Pacific Ocean with all Eels, an aquarium with a tight-fitting cover must be provided to prevent escape.

Maximum Size: The yellowhead moray eel will reach a maximum length of 36 inches (3 feet) and have a 3 inch diameter

Minimum Tank Size:  A minimum tank size of 100 gallons

Care Level: The yellowhead moray eel is a very hardy fish to maintain. On a scale of 1 –10, (10 being easy) it would rate a “8”. The tank need not be fully cycled before introducing this fish. The yellowhead is a carnivore and we have lost damselfish at night to ours.

Tank Conditions: Temperature 77-79°F; Specific gravity: 1.021 – 1.024; pH: 8.1 – 8.3; Nitrates should be no more than 20 ppm.

Color: The yellowhead moray eel – as picture shows has a brown and black spotted body is accented by the golden "halo" atop its head.

Temperament: This is an aggressive eel. It has eaten several of our small fish and has even bitten a full-grown regal tang. This needs to be in a tank with large aggressive fish that can care for themselves

Yellow Head moray Eel is one of the more colorful Eels available to the marine hobbyist. Reef Compatible: Will eat invertebrates – shrimp, crabs, etc. It will also excavate around rocks that can lead to structure problems.

Diet: The yellowhead moray eel is a carnivore. Krill can be fed when they are smaller and later fish meat, shrimp etc can be provided

Habitat: Provide with plenty of hiding places. Good water circulation is important as well as high quality water maintenance. Filtration should include a protein skimmer and activated carbon filtration.

Lighting: Normal lighting will do well for the yellowhead since they do not need plants as part of their diet.

Compatibility: The yellowhead moray eel in general can be kept with butterflyfish, surgeonfish, groupers and triggerfish. They should not be housed with anemonefish, grammas, damselfish, lionfish (I have been told that the yellowhead will actually attack and kill these) dwarf angelfish to name JUST a few species.
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