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Fire GobyNemateleotris magnifica

Other names for this fish is firefish, fire dartfish, magnificent dartfish. It comes from the Indo-Pacific ocean The firefish is a passive fishregion. This is a generally good reef fish and is compatible with other fish. The fire goby can be killed by bristleworms or crabs. This comes from how they hole up at night. Crabs and bristleworms will literally eat them alive

Maximum Size: The maximum length is 3.1 inches

Minimum Tank Size:  20 gallons or larger tank is appropriate

Care Level: The Fire Goby is an easy fish to maintain.

Tank Conditions: - Temperature 72 - 78°F; Specific gravity: 1.020 – 1.025; pH: 8.1 – 8.4

Color: The fire goby is multicolored. Head and front usually light colored with white and yellow and the tail section red with maroon edges.

The firefish is reef compatibleTemperament: The fire goby is a rather timid fish and should not bother tanks mates. If housed with other fire gobys, males may fight until one is the dominant and the others are hiding, not eating or are dead

Reef Compatible: Yes – the fire goby is reef safe and should not bother hard or soft corals etc.

Diet: Carnivore - will take a varied diet of chopped shrimp, brine shrimp, chopped squid and clams as well as flake food and some plant matter. If the diet is not varied, the fire goby may lose color.

Habitat: Provide with plenty of hiding places and live rock growth for grazing on. If housed with aggressive fish it may end up hiding and not eat.

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