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tricolor shark thumbnail

Bala shark - Balantiocheilos melanopterus Bala Shark freshwater fish care

The Bala shark comes from Asia. The bala shark is an active and peaceful fish that swims in middle water layers. They will grow large and will need a large tank to be properly cared for.
black tetra thumbnail

Black tetra – Gymnocorymbus Ternetzi - Black tetra freshwater fish care

The Black tetra, also known as the black widow tetra, comes from Amazonia – in Southern Brazil. The Black tetra is best to keep these fish in small groups. The black tetra spends its time in the middle or upper layers of the tank.
hatchetfish common thumbnail

Common Hatchetfish – Gasteropelecus sternicla - Common Hatchetfish freshwater fish care

The Hatchetfish comes from Amazonia. It is bets to keep hatchetfish in small groups. Hatchetfish are surface fish that have the unique ability of “flying” short distances. A tight fitting cover must be kept on the aquarium if you keep hatchetfish.
gold barb thumb

Gold Barb – Puntius schuberti - Gold Barb freshwater fish care

The Gold barb comes from Southeast China. The gold barb is an egg-layer. Gold Barbs natively live in a subtropical climate. Gold barbs are members of the carp/minnow family.
guppy thumbnail

Guppy – Poecilia reticulata - Guppy freshwater fish care

The Guppy comes from South America. Guppies are livebearers – the male guppy has a copulatory organ that it uses to impregnate the female. Guppys have been bred to include many different color patterns.
moonlight gourami thumbnail

Moonlight Gourami - Trichogaster microlepis Moonlight gourami freshwater fish care

The moonlight gourami is from Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. Moonlight gourami slow quiet tanks with cover and areas to hide. The moonlight gourami is generally a non-aggressive fish.
neon tetra thumb

Neon tetra – Paracheirodan innesi - Neon tetra freshwater fish care

The Neon tetra comes from Peru. In the wild, neon tetras can be found in clear water streams. Care must be exercised when keeping neon tetras, they are small and will be considered prey by larger predatory fish including angelfish. It is best to keep neon tetras in groups.
Parrot Platy thumb

Platy – Xiphophorus Maculatus - Platy freshwater fish care

The Platy comes from Central America from Mexico to Guatemala. The platy is a livebearer. Currently available platy varieties Include: Red-Wag-tail Platy, Tuxedo Platy and many variations on the high fin theme.
ram cichlid thumbnail

Ram Cichlid – Mikrogeophagus ramirezi - Ram Cichlid freshwater fish care

The ram cichlid is from Venezuela and Columbia.In the wild the ram cichlid prefers slow moving clear plant-rich water. The ram cichlid prefers slow quiet tanks with cover and areas to hide. The ram cichlid is generally a non-aggressive fish.
serpae tetra thumb

Serpae tetra – Hyphessobrycon eques - Serpae tetra freshwater fish care

The Serpae tetra comes from Amazonia. It is best to keep serpae tetra in small groups. Serpae tetra are compatible with other active fish of similar size.
swordtail thumbnail

Swordtail – Xiphophorus helleri - Swordtail freshwater fish care

The Swordtail comes from Mexico and Guatemala. The Swordtails are livebearers – the male swordtail has a copulatory organ that it uses to impregnate the female. Swordtails have been bred to include many different color patterns and looks. Currently available varieties Include: black swordtail, gold wag swordtail, painted swordtail, red brick swordtail, red velvet swordtail, red wag swordtail, as well as Hi Fin and Lyre-tails
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